DHS Inspector General: Coast Guard Shortcomings Hinder US Maritime Security

Private sector organizations are “hesitant” to seek guidance from the Coast Guard, which isn’t sufficiently equipped to help them yet.

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Recent Splunk Enterprise Vulnerability Easy to Exploit: Security Firm

SonicWall warns that a simple GET request is enough to exploit a recent Splunk Enterprise vulnerability.

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9 settings I changed on my Windows 11 PC to maximize the battery life

Feeling anxiety at the thought of disconnecting from AC power? Follow these nine steps to make sure you’re getting the most out of your laptop’s battery.

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Learn a new language with over 50% off a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone

Get access to language lessons in Spanish, French, Chinese, and more at a big discount right now.

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How One Bad CrowdStrike Update Crashed the World’s Computers

A defective CrowdStrike kernel driver sent computers around the globe into a reboot death spiral, taking down air travel, hospitals, banks, and more with it. Here’s how that’s possible.

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US Data Breach Victim Numbers Surge 1170% Annually

The number of US data breach victims in Q2 2024 increased annually by over 1000%, despite a 12% decrease in the actual number of incidents in those three months, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC).

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China’s APT41 Targets Global Logistics, Utilities Companies

According to Mandiant, among the many cyber espionage tools the threat actor is using is a sophisticated new dropper called DustTrap.

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Larger Deals Propel Cybersecurity Funding to Two-Year High in Q2 2024

According to Crunchbase data, cybersecurity funding reached a two-year high in Q2 of 2024, with venture capitalists investing $4.4 billion in startups, the strongest quarter since 2022. This marked a 144% increase from the previous year.

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In Cybersecurity, Mitigating Human Risk Goes Far Beyond Training

As threat actors get smarter about how they target employees, the onus is on organizations to create a strong line of defense — and the human element is a critical component.

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New Hacker Group Uses Open-Source Tools to Spy on Entities in Asia-Pacific Region

Targets of TAG-100’s attacks include intergovernmental and diplomatic entities in the Asia-Pacific region, religious organizations in the U.S. and Taiwan, as well as a political party supporting an investigation into the Chinese government.

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